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We use an innovative approach of communicating with you following three simple steps:
step 1

We allow ample time so that we can listen to and understand all of your concerns and dental health goals, and present carefully considered conclusions and a treatment plan.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

The traditional approach of 'lecturing' to patients about dental health is no longer acceptable in the very visually focussed modern world. The use of dental photography makes it very simple to convey existing dental problems or indeed the importance of maintaining good oral health.

A visual presentation following an oral health assessment makes it very easy for you to appreciate your existing situation.

Step two

After an initial assessment you are presented with a full factual report about your oral health with a list of possible solutions. There is usually more than one way to approach any dental health problem.

Therefore the next step
is very important:
step three
Decision making

We believe strongly in the mutual responsibility of the clinician and patient in reaching a decision about dental healthcare. After making you aware of the present situation and presenting possible solutions, we guide you through final treatment planning that is always personalised and takes into account myriad factors ranging from time restrictions to financial requirements.

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