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  High-end technology
                           That helps to create the most biocompatible crown.

First, a titanium fixture or screw is placed in the jawbone.

Then, a connecting part or abutment that links the screw to the
crown is installed.
The crown itself is the part that looks like a natural tooth and we
carefully craft this to perfectly match the patient's existing teeth
Unique surface
Promotes faster healing with
proven ability to maintain gum
and bone levels to ensure long-lasting results.

Custom-made abutments
Unlike most dentists, we offer
this treatment as standard,
at no additional charge. Custom-made abutments are specifically milled for each patient to provide
a better outcome.

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Discover more:
We have extensive training and experience
both within implant dentistry and traditional prosthodontics
A highly successful treatment
1 day

In some cases, we can replace
your missing teeth within a single day
20 years

Implants will generally last
for up to two decades
700+ implants

Installed by Dr Papadopoulos
over the length of his career
Dental implant placement is very predictable but an implant's long-term success depends on how well it is cared for to a significant extent. Implants can fail because of gum disease (just like natural teeth), so it is very important to keep implants and remaining teeth clean and have them regularly checked.

Treatment usually takes between 2 and 6 months and depends on the complexity of the case and the severity of any gum disease. A failing tooth will have to be removed and the gum left to heal for around eight weeks before the implant can be fitted. After an implant screw is placed, it is left to heal for at least three months and the final fitting of a crown can take a few weeks to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We always aim to provide our clients with fixed temporary bridges over the course of the implant treatment. Alternatively, we also offer immediate replacement of failing teeth with implant supported crowns. In certain cases, with either single or multiple teeth replacement required, this cutting-edge treatment makes it possible to remove teeth, place implants and install temporary crowns in the course of one visit. This innovative technique is particularly useful in the replacement of front upper teeth or in cases with advanced failure of all teeth.
  Fee Guide
  • Implant Consultation from £150.00
  • Simple Implant fixture, abutment and crown (per unit) from £2500.00
  • Bio-Oss single tooth bone graft from £650.00
  • Intra-oral bone grafting and sinus grafting from £1200.00

Flexible finance options such as interest-free credit, staged payments for complex treatment plans, and discounts for up-front payment on selected treatments are all available. Cash, cheque and all major credit cards are accepted as methods of payment.
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